Psychological Therapies: Guidance Framework

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    1. Purpose of this document
    2. Disclaimer
  2. Delivery Partner
    1. Validium
  3. Process overview
    1. Initial Referrals and Triage
    2. Treatment Interventions
    3. Record Keeping

1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose of this document

This document provides an overview of the Psychological Therapies support model which forms a key component of the Healing Process.   The document will be of use to members of the whistle-blowers and staff-side co-production groups, to NHS Highland Board members and to other stakeholders who are participating in or supporting the Healing Process design effort.

1.2 Disclaimer

This document might evolve and change as the Healing Process planning and implementation phase matures.  This document is, therefore, subject to further change and should be read with this context in mind. 

2. Delivery Partner

2.1 Validium

Validium has provided effective information, support, counselling and psychological interventions since 1998. Validium currently has approximately 300 customers for these services, with about a third of these being in the public or third sectors. NHS and healthcare experience includes working in hospitals (e.g. general, specialist and community); community-based healthcare providers, local and regional NHS Trusts (many with multiple organisations); health professional organisations/royal colleges; Occupational Health providers, CCG groups and GP/specialist medical groups. 

Other public sector organisations include emergency services, councils, education and governmental bodies.

3. Process overview

3.1 Initial Referrals and Triage

Validium will supply a tailored referral and consent form for use by CMP Resolutions (who will facilitate the Initial Discussions) who will be the referrers of individual cases by email for an initial Validium triage of each individual’s needs. 

One of Validium’s counsellors or other psychological specialists, as appropriate for each individual, will call the client to have a telephone discussion about the impact of the perceived bullying or harassment and to assess their support needs. 

Validium have agreed with NHS Highland a range of support or treatment which has been pre-authorised and can, therefore, be provided automatically.  There are some other elements of support which would require additional authority to proceed and a simple process has been agreed which will be completed on an anonymous basis.

3.2 Treatment Interventions

The treatment interventions that can be provided for referred individuals, and which have been pre-authorised are as follows: 

  • Help-sheet or podcast resources;
  • Onward referrals from Validium counsellors/case managers for more specific/appropriate external (or, if preferred by individual, NHS Highland) internal support;
  • Online cCBT package (self-administered) hosted on our own secure portal;
  • Supported Online cCBT package;
  • Counselling brief therapy via the client’s preferred method – e.g. telephone, video or e-counselling sessions – with fully qualified, accredited and experienced counsellors (BACP or equivalent level);

The treatment interventions that can be provided for referred individuals, which require additional authorisation, are as follows:

  • Resilience/wellbeing coaching sessions delivered by specialist clinicians;
  • Extended counselling for those individuals needing more support/sessions to enable them to reach their counselling objectives;
  • General psychological assessments – from psychologists or fully accredited CBT therapists, including a meaningful report to the referrer outlining e.g. prognosis, recovery timescales, treatment options and recommendations;
  • Psychological/trauma treatments e.g. CBT or EMDR, usually with the assessing clinician, or occasionally, with a more appropriate psychologist or CBT therapist;
  • The Healing Process, including the Psychological Therapies, will now be delivered remotely in order to both comply with the Covid-19 social distancing requirements and to provide an equitable process for all, irrespective of geographical location. With the Psychological Therapies, during or after the initial telephone discussion with Validium, the method of providing therapy will be agreed with the individual in line with their preferences.

3.3 Record Keeping

Validium’s case management system and reporting methods will enable regular reports on the numbers of cases being handled, services used and results achieved. These reports will not contain individually identifiable data. In relation to therapies provided by Validium, individuals will be provided with Validium’s privacy statement. 

The Healing Process Privacy Statement on the website and will agree to data processing at the 1:1 session.