Update: Positive steps being made by NHS Highland Healing Process

The Healing Process, set up to support individuals who suffered bullying or harassment in the past while working for NHS Highland in the Highlands and Argyll and Bute, has been well received, with a number of people participating in the different elements that are being offered to support them. 

Since its launch at the end of May, 154 people have registered for the Healing Process. The process, funded by the Scottish Government, was co-produced by NHS Highland, trade union representatives and whistle blowers. It was established in response to recommendations of the independent review by John Sturrock QC on allegations of bullying and harassment within NHS Highland.  

The Healing Process is open for registrations until February 2021, and a professional team with independent advisers has been put in place to manage and support individuals through the Healing Process, guiding them through a range of available options to find the most suitable solution for them. 

Everyone signing up to the process has access to: one-to-one discussions (held remotely); independent psychological therapies and/or independent review panel discussions (held remotely). People will also have the opportunity to receive a formal apology for the harm they have suffered. 

The first completed outcomes from the process are due to be received by participants early next week and the anticipated timelines for the process going forward are now available via the healing process website, under latest news: https://www.healing-process.co.uk/when-i-register-for-the-healing-process-how-long-can-i-expect-it-to-take-from-start-to-finish/ 

NHS Highland Chief Executive, Pam Dudek, said: “We are pleased that so many people have registered with the Healing Process and would encourage those who have not yet done so to get in touch and find out more.  We believe the service has a major role to play in helping people find a meaningful resolution to address their experiences whilst working for NHS Highland. 

“We have been supportive of those who have experienced bullying and harassment, and we reaffirm that we are deeply sorry for the harm that has been caused.” 

The Healing Process is open to current NHS Highland colleagues who have suffered from historical bullying and harassment up to, and including, 31st December 2019.  However, if you have a current concern, you should raise this with your manager, trade union re or HR, to access support and advice on how to proceed.  

We also have our independent confidential speak up Guardian service, which is available to you to help raise or discuss concerns.  This can be accessed 24/7 via 0333 577 5955 or contact@theguardianservice.co.uk.