Updated Eligibility Scope FAQs

Updated Eligibility Scope FAQ

What changes have been made to the scope of the Healing Process and why?

The unique nature of the healing process means that as we work through this, we will discover that there are some things which we hadn’t anticipated or which don’t fit neatly within the principles of the process. We are committed to listening and adapting where we can to support people.  

We have recently made two changes to the scope of the process, as a result.

The first is to extend the scope of the current or ex-employee definition to include NHS Highland non-executive directors who are members of the NHS Highland Board, and are an integral part of our highest level governance and leadership structures. Note that while these individuals will now fall within the category of “Employee” for the purpose of the Healing Process only, that categorisation will not have any impact on their status for other purposes such as employment law and tax law.

The second is to extend the “expanded scope” to include those who are on placement with us, as part of their training, which could include medical, nursing, midwifery or allied health professionals, amongst others.  This recognises that whilst as students they are not employed by us, but by the university or training institution, they are working within our system and are under our direction and control.

The other conditions of the Healing Process will continue to apply to these individuals, and reference to Employees or Expanded Scope should be read in accordance with these updated definitions. IRP Guidance and other information on the website will be updated to reflect these changes.

If any individual is unsure if they are eligible to access the Healing Process, or whether their role is categorised as “Employee” or “Expanded Scope”, they should let CMP know as soon as possible so that this can be confirmed.