When I register for the Healing Process how long can I expect it to take from start to finish?

The Healing Process is a framework which has many different stages.  These stages are personal to you, enabling you to exercise a choice as to the options that you wish to take that you feel are both relevant to you and will help you obtain an element of “healing” (and this includes both general registrants and those who are eligible for the Healing Process within the Extended Scope definition).  As with any process, we have had to determine a minimum and maximum expected time period for elements, dependent upon what is involved within each particular stage (obviously some of these stages may be able to be completed before the maximum time stated which would reduce the overall time involved).  

It also has to be recognised that as this was a totally new process for all parties involved, that it may have taken a longer time to deal with the initial applications, as it is only when the implementation phase begins that you have the opportunity to learn from actual cases   and those involved become more familiar and comfortable in using the process itself.

The timeline below is an estimate of the time-span from date of registration to receipt of an outcome letter once all of the required governance stages of the process have been completed.  Please note as stated above that there is a range of timescale given.

All involved are committed to progressing individual cases promptly and without any unnecessary delay.  However, should you find that the timescale for your own case is causing you any anxiety or issues and you have not already taken the option to be given psychological therapy support from Validium, you can still access this support by contacting CMP to organise a referral if you feel that this would be helpful for you.